Milano 2018

Milano 2018

In my last post I talked about how this summer, I had the privilege of being sponsored to go to Italy to source yarns for my sustainable luxury knitwear collection. After the show was over in Florence, I went to the north to Milano to visit a friend and take in the sights!
First impressions
After a couple days exploring Monza (a quaint upscale town) where I stayed and rejuvenated, I ventured into Milan to explore. My first stop was to go straight to the center of the city, or centrale, to view the Duomo. It was more vast and majestic than any picture could ever capture, it took my breath away!  The cathedral took over six hundred years to build (yes I fact checked that) and is the largest church in all of Italy, larger than the Vatican. I circled it a couple of times just taking it in.
Destination 10 Corso Como
My main pilgrimage I had to make besides the Duomo, was a retail destination called 10 Corso Como. It's an iconic lifestyle store with a boutique, art gallery, rooftop garden, cafe and even a few hotel rooms.  It was started in 1990 by Carla Sozzani and is tucked away from the main street with alot of greenery and it feels like you're in someone's private villa.  Between the store, gallery, and cafe, I whiled away a few hours! I then went on an architour of the Brera neighborhood which is known for it's interior design and furniture showrooms.
Photoshoot in Monza
I was inspired to create some new imagery of my own so my friend and I shot some of my pieces in the central park of Monza, it's the largest public park in Europe so we had plenty of lovely spots to choose. After the jetlag was really getting to me, so it felt good to surrender to the urge to nap, a luxury I never allow myself to do in the states!
Giorgio Armani museum
Another highlight was visiting the Giorgio Armani museum in the cool neighborhood of Tortona in Milan.  It has both a calm and creative atmosphere where alot of studios are and photoshoots take place. The museum was an exquisite archive of Armani's immaculate tailoring and exquisite embroidered clothing. The best part is you can walk right up close to the garments, there aren't any barriers! And of course there's a cafe on site for a little espresso break.
I already can't wait to go back to Italy!